Villains Vigilantes Card Game

In the 'Villains and Vigilantes Card Game', players take on the roles of the supervillains trying to carry out a variety of sinister schemes or the heroes striving to bring them to justice.

This game, with characters and themes drawn from the classic superhero RPG, offers the entire comic book experience. It has dastardly plans, bold escapes, secret identities, craven henchmen, brave saviors of defenseless citizens and super powers beyond imagination. All this comes from a streamlined strategy game that can be played in under an hour.

Each player controls one or more superheroes or supervillains and has a custom card deck based on the super powers their characters possess. Players play mission cards that indicate their characters' goals and win conditions. There are plot cards that establish unusual items or significant events going on in the city. Power cards are played to soar or streak from one location to the next, blast your enemies, escape from danger, or display your uncanny abilities.

Players race to complete their missions, thwart their archenemies, and win the day.

Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 60 Minutes

Type: Games

Vendor: Game Salute

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