Secret Santa Ideas Under $20

Ah, the dreaded gift exchange with co-workers. What to get someone you barely know? Or worse, what if it's one of those "Yankee swap" deals where you have to get something that anyone could like? We've got you covered! Here are some solid ideas for the most common price points:

$10 Gifts

Donut Socks

Who doesn't love donuts? A pair of Living Royal Ankle Socks like these are just plain fun for your feet. And calorie-free.

Living Royal Ankle Socks: $8.00

Crystal Growing Cherry Tree by Copernicus

Grow your own Cherry Tree, or Cactus, or Volcano! Science-y and fun! 

Crystal Growing Cherry Tree: $7.95

 Power-Up Hand Warmers

One-click re-usable handwarmers. Keep them in your bag, your car, wherever you might need a little warmth on short notice!

Power-Up Hand Warmers: $9.95


Maybe it's a gag gift, maybe it's a subtle hint. Who needs to know? (And it really works wonders!)

Poo-Pourri: $9.95

Trivia Boxes: Marvel, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory

These little boxes have hundreds of trivia questions to keep 'em guessing!

Trivia Box: $8.95


Lucky Cat Novelty Bag


Remember all those cool ads in old comic books? Each Lucky Cat Mystery package contains 3-5 unique Novelty items drawing from 30+ possible novelties. What will you get?

Lucky Cat Novelties $4.95


$15 Gifts

Rubik's Cube

The original and still the best for puzzlers and fidgety people!

Rubik's Cube: $14.95


Whatever their taste, we've got a Tea Infuser for them! With over a dozen unique styles to choose from, you're bound to find something perfectly fun!

Silicone/Stainless Tea Infusers: $10.95 - $13.95


Easy Wooden Chopsticks

Funky and practical design!

Easy Wood Chopsticks: $14.95


Monster Factory Plushes

Booh and his friends are a great way to bring an unexpected smile.

Monster Factory Plushes: $14.95


$20 Gifts

Creature Cups

Hidden Creatures in your cup! From dinosaurs to sharks to spiders, there's a critter waiting at the bottom of every finely-sculpted ceramic mug.

Creature Cups: $19.95


Coup Card Game

The bluffing of Poker and the guessing of Clue combine in this fast, fun and nasty card game for 3-8 players. 

Coup: $17.95

Pint Glass

For the beer lover, this infographic shows the very many varieties of beers, lagers, ales, stouts...

Popchart Labs Pint Glass: $15.95


Travel Scratch Map

The smaller, more portable cousin to the best-selling Scratch Map, pack this up and take it wherever you're going, then scratch off the foil to show you've been!

Scratch Map, Travel Edition: $19.95 


USB Astronaut Light

A soft white glow from a weightless-looking little USB Spaceman is welcome company for anyone's laptop.

USB Astronaut Light: $19.95



 Most of these items are only available in-store. Come see us at 122 Dundas!