Game Guide: Modern Classics

Looking for the lowdown on those new games you keep hearing about? They're popular for a reason. All five of these games are award-winning hits.

"The Train Game" has sold over 5 million copies and convinced countless people that board games can be fun for everyone. 2-5 players collect matching cards and use their coloured trains to connect cities on the map. There is so much to enjoy about this game!


"Will you trade two bricks for my sheep?" A game of trading, luck and strategy, Catan is a 3-4 player game that people fall in love with. The island of Catan is small, and you must race to collect all the goods you need to build your Settlements. 



With simple rules and ultra-short play time (5 minutes) Love Letter is a card game that will keep you saying "One more round!" 2-4 players try to deduce which cards their opponents have and force them to discard. The last player with a card wins the round. I've seen kids as young as 6 enjoy this game. There are only 8 different cards, so they can memorize them instead of needing to read.



Instead of fighting to conquer the world, in Pandemic you will co-operate to save it! 2-5 players move from city to city, trying to eliminate dangerous viruses before they spread. The game takes about 90 minutes and can be adjusted to make it easier or harder. The cooperative element also makes it a great family game where parents or older siblings can help younger ones plan their moves.



The game that gave us the  wooden "meeple." 2-5 players take turns adding a tile to the map; building cities and roads to score the most points. Named for the walled city in France, Carcasonne is one of those games you can learn in less than five minutes, but the strategy will keep you coming back for years to come!