For the Ninja

The best stocking stuffers and gift ideas for your favourite Ninja, Samurai, or Japanophile. 


Nunchuk Pens: $4.95
Nunchuk Pens make it fun to leave notes for your ninja brethren!
Nunchuk Pens: $4.95
Ninja Bottle Opener by Fred: $12.95
After a secret mission, pop open a cold one in style!
Ninja Bottle Opener by Fred: $12.95
Age of War dice game - $12.95
Conquer the most Samurai strongholds in this fast-playing dice game for 2-6 ninja!
Age of War: $12.95
Cake Samurai Plastic Cake Cutter: $11.95
Celebrate your victories against the hated samurai by using their own sword (or a dishwasher-safe version of it) to cut the cake.
Cake Samurai: $11.95


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