Game Guide: Kids Under 5

 The best games for pre-schoolers can teach a lot of lessons and still be fun. We carry a wide range of great games by Haba and Djeco, two of the world's best children's game companies.


This simple racing game for 3-6 year-olds combines colour and shape matching with a bit of strategy. Match your pieces in the right order and get to the end of the track first! Plays in 5 minutes.


A fun and silly game for ages two and up that can be played co-operatively or competitively. Making animal noises required!


Like many Haba games, Little Builders has fantastic wooden pieces that are a great set of blocks even if you never play the set as a game!  Can you finish building your houses before the workday is over?



This simple variation of "Go Fish" is simple to learn, and the beautiful art will keep both parents and kids enjoying the game for a long time! The sturdy cards come in a handy slipcase.

This clever re-working of the grown-up Carcassonne works surprisingly well, and is playable by kids as young as 3. On your turn, add a tile to the map.  If you create a "loop" in the road, you are one step closer to winning.