Game Guide: Kids 9+

All of these are simply good games - the fact that they're playable by kids on their own is just a bonus.



It's a dice-rolling monster brawl! Up to six monsters duke it out to either score 20 points or be the last monster standing. Chunky custom dice and fantastic art make this a winner.


This game has all kept the key elements of the classic Settlers of Catan, but made it faster to set up, simpler to learn, and more fun. This is an example of how to keep the good parts of a game and remove the rest.

Munchkin was already a terrifically fun game, but setting it in the colourful world of Oo has put it over the top on the "gotta have it" scale. Beat up monsters, get loot, and be awesome!

The friendly zoo theme disguises the fact this is really an excellent bidding/collection game. Each player tries to get the best collection of animals in their zoo before the supply runs out. A nice light strategy game for 2-5 players.


Despite the cartoony appearance, this party-style game will appeal as much to fast-talking adults as kids. Combine two items from your hand of cards to make a product to "sell" to a customer who could be a caveman, cheerleader or astronaut. A good workout for the creativity and vocabulary.