Game Guide: Kids 5-8


Suggested ages on games can be tricky - some kids will play well ahead of their age and some may be willing to play with mom or dad even if they don't fully grasp everything about it. Just like reading, it's good to challenge them as long as they're not getting frustrated!

Who doesn't like rolling a handful of dice? In Monza, racers "spend" dice to move their cars onto matching coloured spaces. Plan carefully, and you can rocket ahead! Fun wooden components like so many Haba games.



This lightning-fast card game will have your little monsters howling with laughter as they try to match colours, patterns and pictures as fast as they can. First player to get rid of all their monsters wins! This one is also an excellent travel game, and fun for grownups. 



This memory game has funky art and chunky wooden chickens! Players who can remember what's under each of the eggs will go around the circle fastest, and steal tail feather from other chickens!



This simplified version of Yahtzee features great art and a some fun strategy for even the youngest players. A great way to learn "pushing your luck"

A card game of luck and strategy! Up to 4 players race to assemble a complete pirate ship before getting looted by other players. A good simple introduction to competition in games - this one definitely has winners and losers!