I Am Elemental Action Figures

It’s character, not characters.™

“Every single figure practically radiates with evidence of the care and enjoyment put into them… They call back to a time when toys really were designed with kids in mind.” – The Figure in Question 

“In the interest of creating strong women, the creators did not make them more masculine. They look like normal, fit, healthy, strong women.  These figures’ strongest visual point is, first and foremost, their strength.  After  you take in their strength and power – then you realize, ‘oh, they also happen to be female, awesome.’  It’s so progressive, I am crying tears of joy.” – CC

“To be honest, when I ordered the figures, I had no idea it would give us such a good way to reinforce some of those really hard conversations we have had to face this year.  I imagine other children facing adversity would be perfect recipients for your figures…Every child should be given the tools to fight whatever…life throws in their way.”  – Behavioral Therapist

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