Passing the Torch

Über Cool Stuff has a new owner! As Kayla Gibbens takes the reigns, Chris says so long for now.

A little over five years ago, I was determined to do something new with my life. I had a crazy idea to combine all my geeky interests into… something. That “something” became Über Cool Stuff. Trying the concept on weekends at “The MET” reassured me that people were interested in what I thought was “cool stuff” and convinced me I really wanted to go for it. It took a year to find the right space, but  in August 2012 we painted our stripes on the Carling Street storefront and opened the doors full-time.

What an incredible experience it has been.

But now, it’s time for me to find a new adventure, and for someone else to carry the Über Cool torch.

The absolute coolest part of this journey for me has been the support I’ve had from friends family, fans of the shop and, really... the whole community! For me, launching a business opened my eyes to how kind, generous, and supportive people can be. To everyone who has helped me on this journey, thank you! To everyone who has told their friends about the shop, or chose Über Cool over other shopping options, THANK YOU! I could not have stuck it out without all of you, and without you the shop could never have grown and thrived as it has.

Showing people the “stuff” that is über-cool to me (like vinyl toys and boardgames) was always my main motivation for opening the shop. It has been great to connect with collectors and fans, and to help introduce cool stuff to new people.

Another fabulous part of creating Über Cool was getting to meet and collaborate with so many talented artists and creators. It was always exciting when I could use the shop as a venue to show off people’s cool creations: from prints to murals to custom toys. And the events! Contributing to Nuit Blanche, the London Game Crawl and so many other awesome happenings has been a ton of fun.

I am proud of how the store has grown and evolved, and I’m excited for what will come next.

Kayla is a real fan of lots of cool, geeky stuff and has a great eye for products. I know she will carry on with everything that makes the shop über-cool. 

Über Cool Stuff has been an enormous part of my life, and there’s no way I could completely walk away. I plan to be a regular customer and hope to stay involved with special events and occasions at the shop, even as I head on to something new.

Thanks for being part of the coolness!


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