Katamari Rolls on, Gets Bigger

I'm happy to report that the Giant Katamari controller we created for Nuit Blanche will live on.

Thanks to a grant from Awesome London, it's going to be ... well, even more awesome! We're going to upgrade all the key components of the controller to make it road-worthy and durable enough to roll out to lots of events around London. (If you have a suggestion for an event that would benefit from some giant katamari action, let us know).

Currently, a hard, smooth ball is being fabricated in Georgia that will make the katamari more durable and greatly improve gameplay and accuracy of the controls (thye bounciness of the yoga ball wasn't good for the game). Our tech guru Tom has agreed to wire up a more permanent and durable electronic system for it, and that just leaves one element that needs some love: the stand.

katamari stand

I built the current stand myself, and although it was a fun exercise in re-learning some woodworking, I'm sure it could be better. I hope to make it more portable (easy to tear/down assemble) and hopefully look more polished-looking, too.

If you're into woodworking, design, or building things and want to help, I want to hear from you!

Email me or hit me on Twitter, thanks!

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