Loads of Games!

Games Night at Chaucer's is almost here again, so I wanted to give a quick rundown on some games that have been "hot" recently.


We can hardly keep Gloom in stock. People love this macabre card game of twisted families meeting untimely demises. If you like the illustrations of Edward Gorey or Tim Burton's movies, you'll fall in love with the unhappy characters of Gloom. The game has a bit of a storytelling aspect that makes it a fun romp for 2-4 players. Several expansions are available in the store, too.


Kingdom Builder was last year's Spiel des Jahr Winner, and with good reason. It is easy to learn and plays under an hour, but features a level of strategy that will keep you coming back again and again. The concept is simple: Draw a terrain card (forest, desert, etc) and place three settlements on spaces that match the card. But each game, your goals are different since you choose three scoring cards from a deck of 10. Some cardsa require you to build in a straight line, others make you build next to water - each game requires you to make tough choices about how to use a limited number of settlements to score the most points. This game is highly recommended for Settlers of Catan fans looking for a new challenge. 


I finally got a chance to play Lords of Waterdeep for myself, and the hype around this game is well deserved. For fantasy fans, the game features a cool Dungeons & Dragons setting. For fans of "worker placement" games (think: Puerto Rico, Agricola or Stone Age) it offers a light game with a fair bit of variety from game to game. Players vie for power in the city of Waterdeep  by taking control of various areas and buying buildings that give them benefits while confounding their opponents' plans. I found it surprisingly easy to learn, and am eager to play again.


Pop in the store to have a better look at these, or join us at Games Night to try them yourself!