12 Must-Play Games for 2013

From quick and simple to serious strategy, we've got a fantastic collection of the best tabletop games for any group - kids and serious gamers alike!


Hey, That's My Fish!

Sub-zero strategy for 2-4 players. Maneuver your penguins around the shrinking ice floes to grab more fish than your opponents!

Apples to Apples

A game of hilarious word combinations. Fast and fun for up to 8 players.

Spot It

See the match, grab the card! Five great games in one tiny tin, but you've got to be quick to win.


A modern classic for 2-4 players. Place your pieces to block your opponents before they block you in!

Small World

Flying goblins? Drunken dwarves? Choose from 14 tribes of fantasy creatures and race to expand your empire in a world that's to small to contain you all!


To be the master chef, you need to collect all the ingredients for your special spice blend. Flick your chips into the right bowls - and maybe knock your opponents out at the same time!


A huge favourite with all kinds of players! Can you place your last magnet without creating a chain reaction? Yikers!


Who thought bean farming could be so much fun? A fast and furious card game for up to 7 players. Make the best trades and cash in!


A great party game where a picture really is worth a thousand word. Can you match the clue to the right picture? More importantly, can you fool your opponents with your clues?


Captures the essence of the dungeon experience without any of  that weird roleplaying stuff. You up to 7  friends compete to kill fearsomely goofy monsters and grab ridiculous magic items in a card game that's chock full of silliness.

Ghost Blitz

Flip the card, grab the item. Sounds easy? Easy to learn, but you need to have a fast mind and faster hands to win Ghost Blitz!

Villa Paletti

It's construction chaos as you build the tallest tower possible. You'll need a steady hand and nerves of steel as you go for a 5-storey marvel!

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