Brand New to Canada!

From Denmark, the land of Lego, comes a simply amazing building toy.

Plus-Plus only comes in one shape, but that one shape can combine in so many ways, you can easily create beautiful 2D images or 3D structures.

Plus-Plus has a unique texture that makes it easy to grip and the shape combines so instinctively  you'll be assembling a pixel-art masterpiece in no time.

Geek Alert: It's like Minecraft in the real world!

Available in basic and neon colour sets of 100, 300, 600 and 1200. 

Suggested for children ages 5+, and any adults who like building stuff!

Special discount pricing available for schools, daycares and educators. For details, email

Update: We had a great time in the store with a bunch of ubercool kids and parents who came in for a Plus-Plus party. Check out more pictures on our Facebook page!