The Dangerous Kitchen

High Impact Baking

Boring old gingerbread men watch out.

This set of Ninja-shaped cookie cutters will have your cookies jumping into action!

Cookies + Ninjas = Good times!

Stick it to 'em

Roommates leaving scuzzy dishes on the counter?  Coworkers making the fridge a frightful place? Mark their shame and have some fun with a roll of Biohazard tape.

Or, use it to scare potential moochers away from your favourite snack stash.

Gloves and hazmat suit not included. 

CSI: Countertop

Remain calm: It's just the Crime Scene Pot Trivet.

This fun silicone trivet will keep your table and countertops safe from suffering the same scalding fate of the poor chap immortalized in the chalk-style outline.