A Pair of Modern Classics

We've added two great board games to our collection - each has received a ton of acclaim from the board games community, but may not be familiar to you.



Hive is a strategy game for two.

Like chess, both players have a number of pieces which all move differently. But Hive has no board!  The "hive" is built up as players take turns laying tiles, each marked with a type of insect that indicates how it moves. The grasshopper can jump, the beetle can climb up on top of another piece, and the queen bee is the key to victory. Surround your opponent's queen and you win! (For a full run-down on the rules, check out the video below)

Easy to learn and quick to play (usually 20 minutes or less), Hive is a great game for travelling. It comes with a small pouch that holds all the pieces and can be set up anywhere. Give it a try!




Next to its better-known cousins Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne,  this is (in my opinion) the best of the "light" European strategy games, and one that belongs in everyone's collection. It won the German Game of the Year in 2003 and is a fantastic way to spend an hour after dinner.

In Alhambra, 2-6 players compete to build the biggest, most elaborate palace (or Alhambra). Players choose what buildings to buy and where to put them in order to get the highest score in each of the three scoring rounds.

Gameplay is fast, and competition can be fierce as players try to stay on top of the scoring. It is hugely replayable, and totally worth checking out.





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