Thank-You Contest

Über Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered - it was tough to choose just three. The winners are:

Jaclyn Nelson - "Fun With Ninjas" photo (above). I'm a sucker for macro toy photos.



Krista Ireland - An adorable baby with the somehow vaguely sinister addition of the crime scene trivet. I'm not sure if the creepy factor was intentional (and if it wasn't, no offense intended) but it made me laugh.




Darshan McCann - photo with Haiku:

[quote]MacReady's gone outside
Biting cold winds chill their fear
the thing hides within[/quote]



 Winners can pick their gift certificate up in the store any time!



It's been almost a month since we opened our doors, and to thank all of you who have been in to check out the Cool Stuff, we want to say thanks!

We're giving away three $25 gift certificates. To win one, all you have to do is play show and tell.

What did you pick up at the store, and what's Über Cool about it? Just post your picture, poem, review or interpretative dance video to our Facebook page by September 4th.  We'll choose the 3 best or funniest posts and award each winner a $25 gift certificate for the store.


- All entries must be posted by 11:59 pm on September 4th, 2012.

- You are welcome to enter more than once, but each person can only win one of the three gift certificates.

- Winners will be selected based on creativity, quality of submission, and humour. Flattery and suck-uppery are welcome but not required.




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