BeepArt Vinyl Wall Decals

Neil Jeffery's BeepArt wall designs will make a statement in any space.

From classy black or white outlines, to bold punchy colours, BeepArt Wall Decals come in over 50 designs - each customizable in colour, size and even including your own text in some of the tattoo-inspired designs. All are produced on high quality matte vinyl in an array of vibrant colours that are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

I discovered Neil through his Etsy Shop, but he's located right here in London. You can see some of his work displayed on the walls at Über Cool Stuff, and if you place an order in store or directly with him on Etsy, you can pick it up at the store with no shipping charges. We've also got a full catalogue of designs in the store for you to check out.

Your own special wall decal is just waiting for you to order it!