Eva Funderbrugh

After discovering Eva's gorgeous little beasties through a chain of odd connections, I know they had to come to the shop.

Eva Funderburgh lives in Seattle, WA, where she helped found Florentia Clayworks, a small co-op studio. She regularly helps fire a number of kilns including "Santatsugama," an ancient Japanese type of "cave kiln." From her site:

Eva’s work focuses on emotion and whimsy. It exists in the middle ground between cute and creepy, cuddly and sinister. In her sculptures, you can spot influences ranging from the tea ceremony to video games. She’s attracted to woodfire, finding it to be a symbiotic method finishing her pieces, allowing the kiln to play a significant role in her finished work. However, she’s always experimenting with new forms and new methods.

Über Cool Stuff is proud to have some of Eva's pieces available for sale - including several from her most recent firing in the June/July 2012.