What makes a game Über Cool?


It's fun. It's easy to learn. It keeps you engaged with your fellow players (instead of just waiting for your turn).

Those are the main criteria we look for when choosing games for the store. An added bonus is when a game works for both kids and adults - and right now we've got four gems in the store that meet check off all of those boxes, and they're likely all ones that you haven't see anywhere else.

Hamsterrolle - A nail-biter of a dexterity game. Looks like modern art, and plays like Jenga.

Hey, That's my Fish! - A deceptively simple strategy game for 2-4. Grab all the fish you can while stranding (or sinking) your opponent's penguins on an ever-shrinking ice floe!

Ghost Blitz - Yell its name and grab the right piece, fast! A frantic race using your reflexes and observation skills.

Yikerz! - Place your magnet on the table without "attracting" any attention from your opponent's pieces. A great after dinner game, and even plays as solitaire.


Pop in and check them out!