Cool Rockets

Blast off to awesome with these amazing resin-cast, hand-finished rocket ships. Created by SFX modelmaker Jeff Brewer, each model in the collection is a retro-inspired original.

"The Moon" Tin Toy 

Standing 12" tall, this resin cast rocket has the look and feel of an antique tin toy from the 1950's. It comes finished in an antiqued color scheme and loaded with tiny rivets. even the box is aweseome! Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


The "Big-Boy" Rocket Lamp

With its rounded, cast-iron look, crisply molded bolts, windows, and surface details, it's a real beauty. The "Big Boy" also has a battery powered glow light inside for late night inspiration. Two AAA batteries required.




"Space Tub"  Resin Statue (Out of Stock)

Made of cold-cast poly resin and hand-finished, the Space Tub is a classic.  The look was inspired by a images from Mighty Mouse picture books.  The Space Tub gives a real sense of motion and space perched on the end of it's cartoony trail of  blast-off smoke, leaving no doubt that it's in a big hurry to get somewhere.  The hand-applied rusty patina gives the Space Tub that well-used retro look that defines Cool Rockets.