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By happy accident, I seem to be considered part of the "London film community."

Many of the talented and creative people I've had the good fortune to be friends with here in London are also filmmakers. Some make it their career, for some it's an occasional hobby and for some it's a "whenever I get the time" passion. It's only for knowing these cool peeps that I would take any credit for being part of the community.

My dubious contributions aside, London is home to a lot of great people making amazing films - many with little-to-no budget. Flixx TV is a new show put together by the gents from Rakehell Row Studios, and takes its name from a gone-but-not-forgotten London icon - the Flixx Video store. The show does a great job of spotlighting all the creativity and talent that London's filmmaking scene has to offer. It also contains some great sketch comedy.

What's my part in this? Well, they used the shop as a backdrop for several interviews, including one with some fellow members of  Team Robot on the Rampage and this week will be showing our film from the 2011 London Fringe Festival's 62-Hour Film Festival. I'm pretty proud of the movie "Mechanically Separated" which was banged out in a weekend.

Check them out on Rogers TV if you get a chance. You can find more info on their Facebook page.

If you're looking for the question for their FlixxTV Contest:

Fernando Reza ("Fro") did a special movie poster for Uber Cool Stuff, what was the name of the movie?

Email contact@flixxtv.com with your answer!


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