The Real Redding

One of the many great things about running the shop is the people I've had a chance to meet. Many of them are local twitter friends. We could have met anywhere, but when I'm installed in a public place for the weekend, I'm a little easier to find.

Enter David Redding. I think I'd heard the name but he really caught my attention when he took these awesome pictures of Nik Harron. They're part of a series called The Real London which focuses on creative types from around town. I'd also seen some great portraits he has taken for friends and their families. Fantastic, beautiful portraits.

Last weekend when David tweeted "who's free to have their picture taken?",  I put up my hand. Out of that I got a really cool photo and a chance to be lumped together with a whole bunch of really talented people. Pretty sweet, for sitting next to a dumpster.

Later, he let me know he was launching a new portrait package for people wanting avatar photos or portraits for their sites. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, and although I know several great photographers, I never got around to it. In half an hour of shooting I got some pictures I'm really happy with, along with a great discussion about apocalyptic sci-fi.

I typically only shout "Hey, look at this picture of me!" when I'm in Halloween costume, but I do have to show off David Redding's work.

Great stuff.  Thanks, David.

You can get in touch with David via or on twitter @therealredding


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