Two new custom-made friends showed up to make my weekend.

Vinyl toys are my favorite things in the store. The combination of action-figurey toys with whacked-out awesome artists just hits all my happy buttons.

The best thing about these artist-designed toys is that most of them come in blank "do it yourself" form which allow for amazing creative customizations. The best-known and most popular of these are Kidrobot's MUNNY series.

Almost as soon as the Met opened, I started farming out some 5" blanks to artists around the space.  John Sewell was the first one to get his back to me with the fantastically retro Soberman - complete with mop (he's cleaning up!).

Trevor Ritchie was my neighbour at the Met for a while and when I saw what he could do with sharpies, I thought he might be a good prospect and he jumped at the chance. A couple of weeks later, the creepy-cool Hector The Hypnotic joined Team Met Munny.

Julia Hansford was next with her Melvis. I love his hair and shades. He's not just a great Munny, he really captures her art style, too.

When Candice Sheriff brought over her just-completed Munny Truth on Saturday, I was blown away. The detail, the headgear. Smokin'.

Anna Otok was probably the biggest surprise. She finished her adorable creation the same day I gave it to her, while at the Met! Using just what she had on hand, she created this big-hair chaps and cap beauty: Moxie Muffinpants.

What's most impressive for me is that none of these 5 artists had ever worked on a vinyl toy before. Five artists, five awesome new Munny creations.  Team Met Munny!

You can get any of them (or your own blank) at the shop.


Kidrobot has some great painting and customization tips here.