New arrivals and a surprise visit

Some great new stuff in the shop this week!

I'm now carrying a selection of T-Shirts by London artist Diana Tamblyn. Diana is a great supporter and promoter of local art and artists and of comic artists in particular. Her shirts are great - If you've seen them around town and wondered where to get them, now you know!

I also had a visit by local artist Trevor Ross last weekend. He had some amazing little gory figures to show me - the "Kempers". These resin/plaster models are hand-cast and hand-painted by Trevor. Each one is unique,with details like claws, spines and even staples to make them stand out. The cute little horrors stand about 4" tall. Come in and check them out!

Finally, I wanted to showcase a remarkable transformation wrought on one of my Zombie figurines by another talented artist, Mike. Mike saw the potential in the zombie cheerleader and decided she would make a great Victorian lady. Cool transformation! Although usually people turn from prim and proper into zombies,and not the other way around...