A Festive Week!


First, Mat, Warren and the great guys of GAMES DAY Podcast invited me to showcase some geeky goods at the Summer Pwnage event they and GamerPops were running at APKlive. It was a fun night - I got to spread the gospel a bit, try (feebly) to wrap a SNES controller in under 4 seconds, and meet a lot of cool people including the Geek Girls and a bunch of local tweeps who had only been avatars to me.

Second, Friday brings the Great Canadian Bacon Festival. If you can stop eating long enough, look for some Uber Cool Bacony wares at the silent auction table and bid them up to raise lots of money for the Arva Flour Mill!

Third... oh yeah, and Canada Day! The MET and Uber Cool Stuff are open Friday from 4:00 - 9:30, so if you are downtown for any of the festivities come in and say hi. Lots of new prints from my favorite Canadian artist Jacob Rolfe have arrived, too! (pssst... careful viewers can even spy the artist's toes in one of the shots below.

Finally, in the spirit of celebration, I leave you with one of my favoritest songs by the Canadianest band I know, the Rheostatics.



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