Victoria Day wrap-up

This was my fourth weekend at the Met, and with the benefit of a Friday afternoon off to get ready, it felt positively luxurious not hauling boxes on Saturday morning.


I've been inviting some of the artists at the Met to design a custom Munny for an upcoming show, and John Sewell started off my day with a big smile by showing me his creation (sorry, you'll have to wait a bit to see it).

Despite the rain, Saturday still saw lots of new faces coming through.Everything smelled nice and sweetgrassy thanks to Red Earth Holistics, and Justin was spinning a great mix of vinyl.  Lots of people were getting faces painted or colourful tattoos by Lorenzo and even the vendors were getting in on the Art Party action.To top off my day, my sister and niece came in to London to check out the Met and the store.

As has often been the case, when 5:00 rolled around, people were still strolling in (sorry, Gord and Carol), so I was really pleased to hear that starting next weekend the Met will be open until 6:00 on Saturday.


On Sunday I met a few people from the Kitchener/Waterloo are who were really impressed with the Met. This is great to hear since Londoners often look to the KW area as a model of how to do good things with your downtown. More specifically, I had the chance to meet Alfonso Espinos , who was shopping his self-published line, Studio Comix. He produces some pretty cool stuff, and you can check it out this coming weekend at the store.

I never would have met Alfonso or seen his work if not for the Met, and that's why I'm so glad Über Cool Stuff is part of the space.

It really is starting to feel like a community, and that's awesome. Amber from JackPot Vintage helped get some great window displays going, and Andrea from Peanut Parade brought over some friends to demonstrate that, yes the "climbers" blocks are just as much fun for building a castle as playing the strategy game.

It's great to see people starting to make The Met a part of their weekend routine.  If you've been down once, check it out again, we have new talent coming in every week. And if you haven't been down yet, why not?






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