A Chat with Brad Biederman

Smooth. Fat. Crisp. Black.

Brad Biederman loves his lines.

He holds the king of Sharpies, an oversized black paint pen. “I love to splash all kinds of colour in. I try other materials, but I don’t think I’ll ever get away from this one. It’s just the ultimate black.”

Although Biederman’s art encompasses a ranges of subjects, media and style, the bold black outlines are always there. Not surprisingly, Brad’s background is in animation. He traces his love of art back to watching Saturday morning cartoons as a child, and graduated from the renowned animation program at Sheridan College.

Although he now works mainly in acrylics, Brad's work still displays some trademarks of great animation. You can see his attention to perspective and the accuracy with which he achieves when looking at “Blue vs. Red” in person. A "gang" of markers parts to make way for you, the viewer, and you are immediately pulled in to the scene and spot your hapless victim - a shiny red mailbox.

Street art or graffiti appears in much of Brad’s work, both in his style and subject matter. He’s not shy to admit that he enjoys seeing his work on a big outdoor space, but acknowledges that some “graff guys” aren’t concerned about crossing the line into vandalism. “I’d like to see more legitimate, safe spaces for people to paint in public. Canvas has a lot of advantages, though.”

Although he’s not looking to reinvent his style, Biederman is constantly incorporating new elements to his technique, and new characters to his stable. A recent series of paintings feature a little fish shouting the odds and trying to stop an artist at work. But an octopus has many arms, and this little pufferfish is not succeeding.

“I just want to make things colourful and fun. It keeps my mind like that, too.”



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