Not-so Colourful New Art

When people ask how I choose stuff for the shop or ask me to define uber cool, it can be tough to answer. 

One word I frequently use is colourful. Whether it's art, or toys, or kitchen wares, I love to fill the shop with things that are bright and colourful. Take Lora Zombie's art for example:


Meow, by Lora Zombie

Even though she often incorporates dark or macabre elements, there's usually plenty of colour going around, too.

We just received a new shipment of art prints in the shop, and I noticed something interesting about the mix. Take a look and see.

absentia black

Absentia White

Absentia, by Ruben Ireland

MonsterMonster, by Alex Cherry 


Bobblehead, by Hidden Moves

Little Bird

Little Bird, by Alex Cherry

Litttle Red

Little Red, by Manuel Rebello


Wow - That's a lot of black and white!

It wasn't even intentional. I guess if your space is dull, a pop of colour jumps out nicely. And maybe when your space is overflowing with colour, a little pop of non-colour can stand out, too!

All of these prints are available, framed in "mini art blocks" for $39.00 each.