Forest City Comicon 2015 & Project Play

Two awesome events have united and they're coming on Sunday, October 18, 2015.


In its first year the Forest City Comicon was the largest first-year comic-con type event ever held in London. This year, the con has a new venue (and five times as much space) in the London Convention Centre and a new partnership with Project Play. They've got cool celebrity guests like John Noble, the Shuster Awards, tons of artists and creators, panel discussions, and the best cosplay contest in town by a long shot!

Project Play


Project Play is an award-winning organization, that hosts a one day gaming event, bringing together industry and community to raise funds to support community organizations in the London area. Project Play has helped 9 organizations over the past 3 years by bringing the gaming industry and fans together for a day of fun and support, giving all children the chance to play! The event features video game demos, e-sports tournaments, board game demos and tournaments, and more!


Über Cool Stuff has been a proud supporter and participant in both Project Play and Forest City Comicon since they started, and we can't wait to be there! We'll have a booth with some awesome new stuff and great deals, plus we're helping out with the board game lounge - drop in and learn a new game!

Need tickets? Buy them online here or stop into the shop. Save $5 off each ticket with an in-store purchase of $10 or more!


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