Father's Day Gift Ideas

We've got some awesome gift ideas for the cool dad in your life!


This phenomenal Star Trek messenger bag is packed with great details. Perfect for the classic Trek fan! ($99.95)



If you want to send a message (or maybe just get a laugh) this special set of Poo-Pourri is a fun pick for dad. ($27.95)




What?!?!? Lightsaber BBQ tongs? With sound effects? So crazy, they're cool. ($47.95)




Could Justin Bieber beat Chuck Norris in a fight? No? What if he had a chainsaw, and was riding a T-Rex? Superfight is the party game of ridiculous battles. Arguing has never been so fun. ($39.95)



A terrific little Homer Simpson figure, posed as buddha and sitting on a doughnut! How can you mot smile at this little guy? ($17.95)




For the Walking Dead fan, a Daryl Dixon inspired wallet, complete with chain and "zombie ear" key topper. ($34.95)

What kind of geek is your dad? Let us know, and we'll help you find the perfect present for him!