Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day? Tomorrow?

A last-minute list for you last-minute gift-buyers. 

They might be good ideas, they might be terrible ideas. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Why not start out with a warm fuzzy personal affirmation mug? ($14.95)


For the Whovian: TARDIS salt & pepper set. ($29.95)



A pretty trio of crystal "corals" for her to grow and admire. ($17.95)



For the super-mom! ($7.95)



He's an elephant. He's a funnel. He's the adorable Tembo! ($12.95)



A fast-and-frantic game that serves up laughs and only takes about 15 minutes to play! ($12.95)


I'm not suggesting your momma needs to use this, but she might appreciate if some of the other people in the house did. ($9.95)


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