A Tasty Trio of Games


Like Goldilocks, this week I've stumbled across three games - a tiny one, a big one, and one that might be just right for your family or group.

First off: a little one by Djeco. This company makes beautiful, durable kids games that are a treat to play with. Topologix ($24.95) is for pre-schoolers, and is a relaxing and fun way to explore language and symbols with your kids. Based on one of the 16 "scenes" included, each player takes turns placing the animal tokens in the right space to match the picture. Is the bird IN the tree, ON the tree or BEHIND the tree? This cooperative activity eases 4-6 year-olds into the steps of playing a game.


At the other end of the spectrum, we have a real brain-burner for seasoned gamers. Deus ($49.95) challenges each player to amass the most points by playing or discarding the right cards to build their civilization. The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward, but the number of choices available makes for a deep strategy. It combines the set-collecting style of a game like Seven Wonders with the eurogame feel of "I want to do more things in a turn than I can."  It's been nominated for several awards already, and I can see why. 



Finally, we have some chaotic fun that can work for families, or as a lighter group game (It handles up to 6 players, which is nice). Colt Express ($49.95) is a chaotic western-themed train robbery adventure. It has so much going for it. Players must play cards to plan or "program" their turn before they know what anyone else is doing. Once everyone reveals their cards, the mayhem begins. And did I mention that you move your pieces around a 3D train? How much fun is that?!? Will the loot still be where you thought it was when you planned your turn? Will someone double-cross you? You've got to play to find out!


All three are in-stock. Come take a look and see what fits!