Unconventional Valentine's Gifts


How about something unexpected to inspire your romantic evening?

Ah, Batman and Catwoman. So many memories. Who knows what these little Batman 1960s Stuffies ($18.95 each) could lead to? A couple episodes of the classic 60's series? A little role-playing or even cosplay? Biff! Bang! Pow!


How about a warm, steamy bowl of home cooking? We've got a bunch of fun new kitchen items including this Nessie Ladle ($15.95) recently featured on Huffinton Post and Gizmodo. 

Do your tastes run a little darker? Fans of Penny Dreadful will recognize Vanessa Ives' Tarot Deck. This beautiful set ($54.95) includes the major and minor arcana, a velvety pouch and a polished wooden case. Why just explore your destiny, when you can manipulate it?


A final thought. The couple that plays together, stays together.  We have lots of great 2-player games, but as Kayla puts it, "The fastest way to your heart is through your chest."  So, how about an evening of B-movie zombie mayhem? Last Night On Earth ($59.95) even comes with a cheesy soundtrack!