Top Gifts of the Season

In case you're wondering what's been uber-popular this month, here you go!


1. Kawaii Japanese Puzzle Erasers 

At $1.00 each, these are great for topping up someone's gift or stocking, or if you want to give a wee token gift to someone.



2. Sock It To Me Socks

Popular all year, but especially as gifts, SITM socks for guys and gals are a fun gift at $12.00


3. Metal Earth Star Wars/Star Trek Models

These cool little model kits have been flying out the door. At $16.95 each they make a terrific afternoon's project.


4. Timeline Games

In a cool twist on trivia games, this little card game challenges you to decide "what came first." For example: The invention of the photocopier, or the invention of the fax machine? You might be surprised! Each of the 6 sets comes in a spiffy tin box and all sets can be mixed and matched into bigger sets. Timeline: $14.95

5. Tablet/ Phone Stand

Available in 6 colours, these little folding easels are perfect for propping up your phone or tablet, and the rubber feet will keep it from slipping. Loooq Folding stand $3.95


6. Power Up Hand Warmers

Power-Up Hand Warmers

One-click re-usable handwarmers. Keep them in your bag, your car, wherever you might need a little warmth on short notice! Power-Up Hand Warmers: $9.95


7. Doctor Who Mystery Minis

From Daleks to Doctors, all kinds of characters to collect. Each randomly-packed box is $10.95


8. Mighty Wallet

Ultra-light and super-durable, Mighty Wallets come in many heroic designs!
Tyvek Mighty Wallet $18.00


9. Trivia Boxes (Marvel Comics, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory)

Trivia Boxes: Marvel, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory

These little boxes have hundreds of trivia questions to keep 'em guessing! Trivia Box: $8.95


10. Pocket Monkey Multi-Tool

Pocket Monkey Multi-tool: $11.95

With 12 functions including screwdrivers and hex wrenches, and small enough to fit in your wallet, this little dude is ultra-handy! Pocket Monkey Multi-tool: $11.95



These two were not included on the list because they're currently sold out and may not restock in time for Christmas


Poo Pourri 

Poo Pourri: $9.95

This "before you go" spray really traps the stink! (Seriously - it's amazing!) Perfect for small and/or shared bathrooms. Poo Pourri: $9.95


Comic Book Novelty Mystery Pack

Lucky Cat Novelty Bag

Remember all those cool ads in old comic books? Each Lucky Cat Mystery package contains 3-5 unique Novelty items drawing from 30+ possible novelties. What will you get? Lucky Cat Novelties $4.95