One Geek's Wish List

I often get asked, "Is your house full of this stuff?" or "Don't you just want to keep it all?"

There are absolutely lots of great finds in the shop I would love to take home. Here's what I'll be putting on my list for Santa.

Metal Earth Model Kits

These super-detailed little metal models have been the runaway best seller this season. There are eight different Star Wars models, and we just got in four classic Star Trek ships, too. They look fabulous, and I wantses a bunch of them! Metal Earth Star Wars/Star Trek Metal Model Kits: $16.95


Games! This is the hardest thing not to buy for myself. Splendor is one that I discovered this fall and knew within a couple of turns it was one I would want to play it again again. Buy jewels to buy bigger jewels to buy bigger jewels! Become the richest, and win! It sounds almost too simple to be fun, but I love games that you can learn quickly, and Splendor is a real hit. Splendor: $39.95 Game of Thrones Legacy Action FiguresThe detail and quality of these guys are great. I try not to accumulate too many figures, but this series has so many great characters! Game of Thrones Legacy Action Figures: $21.95

Mighty Wallet

I'm on my third tyvek Mighty Wallet. They're super-light and look fantastic. The urge to pick a new one usually hits before the old one has worn out. This "Mr. Sparkle" Simpsons design always makes me smile. Mighty Wallet: $18.00

Doom That Came to Atlantic City


Yes, it kind of looks like Monopoly, but this game is all about elder cosmic gods (like Cthulhu) destroying the world. How fun! It is also kind of a neat collector's piece because the game was first created as a Kickstarter project which totally crashed and burned. Later, it was bought up and published by Cryptozoic. Fantastic figurines and art round out a great (if admittedly pricey) package. The Doom That Came to Atlantic City: $74.95

Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favourite movies of the year, and these tiny little bobble-heads by Funko are a terrific series to collect. Guardians of the Galaxy Bobblehead Mystery Minis: $10.95

BMO Tin Tote

Adventure Time and all its characters have spawned some great products, but this tin BMO lunch box seems like something I might actually use. For what? Ummmm.... Who said this list was about being practical. It's BMO! BMO Tin Tote: $17.95Black Fleet

A pirate-themed game with gorgeous art, tons of player interaction and awesome components. How could I not want this? It even comes with real metal coins! Many positive reviews, too. I'm dying to try this one! Black Fleet: $64.95

Galactus Bottle Opener

It's Galactus, as a bottle opener. I love the big planet-devouring baddie. Plus, it's magnetized to proudly adorn your fridge. Why don't I have one of these yet? Galactus Bottle Opener: $11.95

Aardman Batman & Robin

Remember Wallace and Grommit? If you're like me, you loved their claymation character design, along with other classic Aardman shorts like Creature Comforts. This hilarious set has Aardman-ized the dynamic duo into a spiffy pair of 8' figurines. Batman & Robin, Aardman Collector's Edition: $39.95


Now, if this is really a wish list, it has to have something over-the top cool, right?

Maybe something you wouldn't normally splash out for, but just think is sooooo awesome you have to ask?

Well, if anyone wants to really rock my world, they can grab me some of these Portal robot replicas by ThreeA Toys. A steal at only $399.95 for the pair. More details here.



So what's at the top of your list?



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