We've Got Your Back

A collection of some fun backpacks and messenger bags we've got in for Christmas. They're not available online, because we've only got a few of each!


Aperture Labs Bag

Portal Aperture Labs bag

Portal Aperture Labs bag interior detail

This sucker is enormous! Roomy enough to carry a 17" laptop, and probably the rest of the bags listed here at the same time. This single-strap backpack is grey and white with the Aperture logo on the front. Nylon outside flap has magnetic seal plus locking straps. Inside are multiple compartments in a variety of sizes and configurations. Portal Gun not included. $99.95


Doctor Who Backpack


The Iconic TARDIS police-box design in a nice, light two-strap pack. $39.95

TARDIS Doctor Who backpack

Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag
Raawwwwrrooo! A nicely-sized leather-look satchel with that brown and silver bandolier design on the Strap that has become instantly recognizable as Chewie's. The front flap closes with brass buckles and features an embossed Star Wars Logo. $99.95


Totoro Embroidered Backpack

From the classic My Neighbour Totoro, this sturdy canvas pack will have you spreading smiles everywhere you go. (And, planting that catchy song in people's head...) Large enough to hold all your stuff as you wait for the cat bus.


 Totoro canvas backpack