Win a $500 Game Shopping Spree!

Want to win $500 worth of games?

Thanks to some great partners, Uber Cool Stuff is happy to give you the chance to win!

Entering the contest is easy:

1. Get a group together (at least 4 of you)
2. Come into the shop.
3. Take a picture of yourselves with an eligible game.
4. Post it to our Facebook page.


BAM! You’re entered! If Lion Rampant (one of our game distributors) chooses your photo, you win a $500 store credit to buy a whole whack of games! One winner will be chosen from across Ontario.


Eligible Games (and publishers) include:

• Fluxx, Choose One (Looney Labs)
• Battlestar Galactica, Elder Sign, Citadels (Fantasy Flight Games)
• Alhambra, Kingdom Builder (Queen Games)
• Cockroach Poker, Magic Labyrinth (Schmidt/Drei Magier Spiele)
• Wits & Wagers, Say Anything (North Star Games)
• Killer Bunnies, Geek Out (Playroom Entertainment)
• Hanabi (R&R Games)
• Ghost Blitz, Hamsterolle (Zoch Games)

Come on in and give it a shot!

Winners will be selected on September 1st, 2014.

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