Spreading the Gospel (of Gaming)

I’m a huge fan of board games.

Since opening the store, I’ve used it as a platform to “convert” as many people as possible to this most excellent of pastimes. Even before the shop, I had a chance to give a talk at Ignite London that sums up this passion pretty well:

Game design has advanced and diversified to such an extent that I truly believe there’s a great game out there for everyone.

We carry some fantastic children/family games; light social games that are perfect for after a dinner party, and meatier strategy games for people who want to dig in to a challenge. Games also run the spectrum from aggressively competitive (“take that!”) to fully co-operative (the players must beat the game together).

I love talking with someone who comes into the store and helping them choose a new game. I’ll even warn people off a game if I don’t think they’re going to enjoy it (For example: a Game of Thrones fan may not like the 4-hour marathon that is the Game of Thrones Board Game – unless they’re also a seasoned wargamer.)

Running the shop also lets me host and sponsor events and gatherings that bring people together to enjoy gaming, and (even better) discover the joy of gaming if they’re completely new to it.

Every third Tuesday we host a drop-in games gathering at Chaucer’s Pub (across from the store). Between 30-50 people (from teens to 50-somethings) get together to try new games and have a laugh for a few hours. It’s a really welcoming group and we tend to play a lot of lighter games that are easy for new players to learn.

Also, we’ve started supporting gaming events at London schools and libraries. These are a great way to show people how easy it can be to get into a game, and just how much fun it is. Games are also fantastically educational. Whether you’re a toddler or a PhD, a good game is a well-rounded workout for your brain. (For more on games as a developmental tool for kids & parents, see this excellent article on GeekDad.)

If you want to join us, all of these events are free and open to anyone:

Uber Cool Games Night at Chaucer’s (122 Carling)

Tuesday, January 28th, 6:00-10:30pm (Facebook RSVP) (Meetup RSVP)

Landon Library Family Games Day (167 Wortley Rd)

Saturday, February 1st 9:00 - 5:00

HB Beal Family Games Day (525 Dundas)

Saturday, February 8th  10:00 - 4:00


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