New & Notable Games

cat tower game

It's like Jenga, but with cats! This silly, cute game is trickier than it looks. Roll the dice and hope for a fatty catty in Tower of Cats.


At the other end of the cuteness spectrum, we have a huge new version of Zombicide: Black Plague. This fantasy-themed version has wizardry, armor, and mayhem. Of course, it also features spectacular miniatures - 65 zombies and 6 heroes!


TIME Stories has been getting a lot of buzz for its innovative way of telling a story. Fans are raving about the system, while others are not impressed with the idea of a game that is "over" once you've solved the mystery. Of course, expansions are coming!


New this month is It's Your Fault!, an expansion for the ever-popular Smash Up. It features four factions selected by fans of the game: Sharks,Dragons, Superheroes, and Mythical Beasts!


For fans of epic two-player games, we have a couple of great reprints. Twilight Struggle is a highly-regarded cold war strategy game and Stronghold Second Edition enacts a castle defending against a horde of evil monsters. Both games are big, beefy challenges and feature asymmetrical play (each side plays differently). Cool!


Finally, we're happy to report that some of the most popular and sought-after games of last year are back on our shelves. Dead of Winter (a grim, cooperative survival challenge) Codenames (a brilliant team-based word game) and Spyfall (a fun and challenging deduction game for up to 8 players).