The 12 Games of Christmas

From young children to veteran gamers, we've got a great suggestion for everyone on your list. some of the games below are hot new releases and some are modern classics, but all of them are worth checking out.

Come on in and tell us what you're looking for in a game, and we'll be happy to find the game that's just right for you and your family or friends!


Each squirrel wants to collect the most acorns before winter comes, and that’s when the quarreling begins. Watch out for the whirlwind, and don’t get stuck with a rotten nut!

2-6 Players, Ages 6+, 15 Minutes




Hidden under the game board is a wooden maze. To navigate the maze and collect your treasure, you must remember where the walls are. If you bump into a wall your magnetic ball falls off and sends you back to the start!

2-4 Players, Ages 6+, 20 Minutes



With 5 different ways to play, this is the ultimate stacking game for any group and any age.  Who can build the tallest tower? It sounds simple, but with the intricately-shaped hardwood pieces, you’ve got a real challenge in store.

1-10 Players, Ages 5+, 20-45 Minutes




Cake or Pie? Window or Aisle? Stay up late or Get up early?

Guess how your friends will answer to win this super-simple and super-fun party game.

3-10 Players, Ages 8+, 30-45 Minutes



From superheroes to science to fantasy, it’s a pop-culture trivia challenge. Who can name the most Batman Villains? The most zombie movies? Name more than your opponent and steal their points!

2-10 Players, Ages 11+, 20 Minutes



Can you whip up the yuckiest soup? The most sensational pizza? Combine three crazy ingredients from your cards to convince the other players that your creation is the best and get named “Chef Cuckoo”!

3-10 Players, Ages 5+, 15 Minutes



Build your Kingdom carefully! With a changing map and different objectives almost every time you play, Kingdom Builder will keep you challenged long after you’ve learned the basics. This award-winning game makes a fantastic follow-up for anyone looking to branch out from Settlers of Catan. 

2-4 Players, Ages 8+, 45 Minutes



Roll the special pink dice to get doors, windows, and roofs made of straw, wood, and brick. The bigger your house is, the more points you will earn. Or, roll the wolf to blow someone’s house down!

2-5 Players, Ages 5+, 20 Minutes



All aboard! Collect the cards you need to build a railway empire. The longer your train, the higher your score. Can you connect all the way from Vancouver to Miami, or will someone block your path?  This modern classic has sold millions because it is simple to learn and fun to play again and again.

2-5 Players, Ages 7+, 45-60 Minutes



This big box is full of adventure! For anyone who has ever wanted to try a “dungeons & dragons” style co-operative adventure, this in-depth game lets you become a wizard, fighter, or rogue. Explore for treasure and defeat the villains with nearly 500 cards worth of challenges!

1-4 Players, Ages 12+, 90-120 Minutes



A game of risk, deduction, and luck. Your goal is to secretly deliver your love letter to the Princess  while stopping other players from doing the same. A very quick and highly replayable game from a deck with only sixteen cards!

2-4 Players, Ages 10+, 30 Minutes



You are a powerful lord in the magical city of Waterdeep. Spend your gold wisely and send out your agents to gain power over your opponents! This game is a great introduction to more advanced “euro” style strategy games.

2-5 Players, Ages 12+, 60-75 Minutes

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