For the Bat-Fan

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Do you like your Batman dark and brooding, or cheerful and campy? We've got the Bat-gifts you want!

batman travel mug

This rugged stainless steel Batman Travel Mug is stealthy-cool in basic black. $26.95



batman extra-large dorbz figure

Holy cuteness! This oversized Dorbz Batman is big enough to tackle any crime. $39.95



Love Letter was already a terrific little card game, but add a Bat-theme, and it is even better! Help Batman corner all the criminals in Gotham. $14.95


harley quinn bust bank

 Aw, come on, Puddin! Don't you wanna take a little Harley home? This Harley Quinn Coin Bank is practically life-sized, and even glows in the dark! $29.95

 bat-signal keychain light

It's your own personal bat-signal! This most excellent Batman Keychain Light is actually a mini projector. Perfect, perhaps, for summoning a 6" Batman Dorbz!  $14.95


joker vinyl idolz

Heath Ledger eat your heart out, this Vinyl Idolz Figure is the classic 1969 Cesar Romero Joker. Complete with painted-over moustache. $27.95


More Gift Ideas