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What's hot this year in board games? Here are some great picks that are either brand new or recently back in print. 

Codenames is a word game for two teams of players (it's great in a large group). Each team has a "spymaster" who gives their teams clues to try to guess the correct words from a grid of 25 words, while avoiding the other team's words. It's easy to learn, but extremely challenging and fun! $27.95 


The Voyages of Marco Polo is a classic euro-style strategy game that actually manages to convey a theme. Race your opponents to Beijing and try to trade for as many valuables as you can. There are many routes to victory!  $59.95


Dead of Winter is not brand new but it has been extremely popular and hard to find. This cooperative game challenges you to team up with your friends to defend yourselves from zombies. Dripping with thematic flavour, the game gives each player their own hidden goals, and they might even be out to betray your group! $74.95


Superfight is a game of ridiculous arguments. Who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and a T-Rex? Now, what if Chuck Norris could fly? Or the T-Rex had a lightsaber? This is a super-easy game to teach your friends and family, and will get a lot of laughs. Silly, creative fun. $39.95


TIME Stories makes the players into "temporal agents" exploring the past to solve mysteries and complete missions. Failure is impossible, as you will be able to go back in time as many times as required. It's the best time-travelling narrative deck-sploration game in this timestream $59.95


Sherlock Holmes has been out of print and much in demand for several years. Players try to beat Sherlock himself by solving a mystery faster than the master detective. A terrific brain-burner that is also good for couples and even solo play. $59.95 

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